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Joseph Hale Mooney

Joseph Hale Mooney, son of James Mooney, was born about 1816 in Tennessee (probably Warren County) and died in 1863 in Texas County, Missouri.  

He married Rachel E. Diedrick on November 11, 1838 in Ripley County, Missouri.

Other events in the life of Joseph Hale Mooney

Occupations : Farmer.  He served as postmaster of Blooming Rose, Mo. Post Office from April 11, 1861 to November 30, 1863.  In 1866, his son-in-law, Jesse U. Lee took over this post for about six weeks.

Land:  He purchased land in Illinois in 1850.  He purchased land in Texas County, Missouri (Land Grant) in 1859 and 1860.  After his death, his land was transferred to his eldest child, Martha Mooney and husband Abraham Smith who then sold the land to his son-in-law, Jesse U. Lee on August 25, 1865.  Both the Lee's and Smith's were living in Illinois when this transaction was made.

Residences: He resided in Macoupin County, Illinois in 1850.

Military:  Enlisted as a private in Mitchell's Missouri Battalion on February 2, 1862.  On August 4, 1862, he was elected Captain of Company C after re-enlisting for a three year period.  He was captured by Union forces while recruiting troops in Missouri in early 1863.  He lost his eye sight from a small pox infection during his incarceration.  He was released after resigning his position in the Confederate Army and signing an oath of allegiance to the United States.   Numerous affidavits to his character were submitted by neighbors in Texas County. Subsequently he began recruiting troops for the Confederacy and was shot by Union forces after his activities were reported.  His burial location is unknown but most likely to be one of the unmarked graves in Craddock Cemetery, located on land owned by Joseph Mooney at the time. 

Rachel E. Deadrick

Rachel E. Deadrck, daughter of Daniel Deadrick and Martha Unknown, was born about 1815 in Illinois and died November 10, 1887 in Deer Creek Township, Phillips, Kansas.

Other events in the life of Rachel E. Deadrick.

Occupations : House and farm wife. 

Residences: In 1875 she resided with Jesse Lee and Nancy Jane Lee, her daughter, in Plum Township, Phillips County Kansas.  In 1880 she resided in Deer Creek Township, Kirwin, Phillips County, Kansas along with a boarder, 11 yr old Ellen Clearwaters who was attending school at the time.  In 1885 she resided in Deer Creek Township, Kirwin, Phillips County, Kansas with the J. S. McAlister family and M. S. Slick.

Children of Jospeh Mooney and Rachel Diedrick

Martha Mooney was born on August 24, 1838 in Missouri and died on February 16, 1884 in Phillips County, Kansas.  She married Abraham B. Smith about 1858.

Nancy Jane Mooney was born on November 18, 1840 in Current Creek, Texas County, Missouri and died February 27, 1923 in Gaylord, Smith County, Kansas.

George W. Sheppard was born about 1845 in Missouri and was living with the Mooney's in 1850.  A Mathew Shepperd, age 17, was living with Byers Mooney, Joseph's brother-in-law, in 1850 also in Texas County, Missouri.


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