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James Slaven

James Slaven

James Slaven, son of Thomas Slavin and Anne Moran, was born in 1823 in Killucan, Westmeath, Ireland and died July 17, 1905 in Dodgeville, Des Moines, Iowa.  

He married Hannah Thomas  on August 13, 1857 in Des Moines County, Iowa.  (See family photograph)

Other Events in the Life of James Slaven

Occupations : Farmer, gold miner and saloon keeper in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California (1870 census). 

Residences: He was born in Ireland and list both parents as Irish in census records.  He lived most of his adult life in Des Moines County, Iowa.  Ambrose Slaven and his father, James, stopped in Decatur County, Kansas after their experiences gold mining in California.  Ambrose Slaven's sister, Sarah 'Elizabeth' Slaven, married Timothy Corcoran. 

Hannah Thomas

Hannah Thomas

Hannah Thomas, daughter of John Thomas and Ellen Elizabeth Titterington, was born January 27, 1822 in Green Township, Ross County, Ohio and died June 11, 1898 in Dodgeville, Des Moines, Iowa.  (See photograph)

Other events in the life of Hannah Thomas

Occupation:  House and farm wife, owner of family circus. Hannah Thomas and her husband Patrick Plunkett's children had a family circus. Whenever they came to Decatur County, Kansas, relatives would go to see them perform.

Other spouses: Patrick Plunkett

Children of James Slaven and Hannah Thomas

James Monroe Slaven was born on August 3, 1858 in Dodgeville, Des Moines, Iowa and died on February 24, 1934 in Sperry, Iowa

Ambrose SlavenAmbrose Slaven was born on March 15, 1861 in Dodgeville, Des Moines, Iowa and died on February 11, 1937.  He married Elizabeth D Borthwick of Rensselaerville, Albany, New York on January 26, 1890 in Kansas.  See newspaper article regarding her death.

Sarah Elizabeth SlavenSarah Elizabeth Slaven was born March 28, 1863 in Dodgeville, Des Moines, Iowa and died August 13, 1932 in Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

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