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This page provides genealogical information regarding the ancestors of Eva Marie Corcoran.  To navigate the site follow the links below and on each page.

Corcoran Origins

The Corcoran family name is of Irish origin.  The initial Gaelic form of the name was Ó Corcráin which meant descendent of Corcrán.  Corcrán is the diminutive personal name for Corcra.  Corcra is derived from the Gaelic word for purple. Other related forms of the name include MacCorcoran, O'Corcoran, and Corcorran. 

Timothy Corcoran's parents, Mathew Corcoran and Ann Kennedy, were both born in Ireland according to United State census records for Timothy Corcoran.  The location in Ireland where they lived prior to emigration to the United States has not been established yet.  Their emigration to the United States was probably between 1835 and 1845. 

First mention of the name Corcoran in Irish history dates back to 1000.  The Corcoran's lived mainly in the southern counties of Ireland.  In (1847–1864) there were 1336 Corcoran households in Ireland distributed in the following Irish Counties: Cork (179), Mayo (128), Kilkenny (128), Tipperary (124), Offaly (102), Roscommon (82), Laois (79) and Galway (60). 

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