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Since this project began for me in 1976, there are far more contributors than I can begin to acknowledge, so this list is partial.  Sadly, many of my contributors are family members and friends that are long since gone. The best source for any beginning genealogist is their immediate family. Many hours were spent coaxing stories, information and photographs out of family members.  The older members were willing to tell their stories, and its with gratitude to them all that I can share the collection of information.  Contributors follow in no particular order:

Ione Bates

Lula Faye McKie Beach

Martha Jane Lee McKie

Chester Warren Beach

Dorothy Louise Greene Beach

Becky Madden

Mary Eva Marie McKie Hewett

Garry and Elizabeth Beach

Rosemary Bertagnolli

Bette Montemayor

Lavana Younger

Nadine Messer

  Janet Greene Brown

Gladys Corcoran Madden

Bernard Corcoran

Raymond Hewett

Guthrie Capwell

Everett McGee

Joyce McGee Hartman

Doris McGee Brunk   

Olive Fenton Wade McGee

Sarah M Shaffer

Estella Waldo

Enid Wyonne McGee Foland

Sharleen Wurm

Kelsey Jones

Carol Lehmann Wolf

Kelsey Jones

Mrs Richard Gould

Phyllis Beach Jackson

Tim Medearis

Sharon Craig

 Michael R Esquer Swigart

Ron Olmstead

Lara Bell Damewood Sander


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