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 Timothy Corcoran

Timothy Corcoran

Timothy Corcoran, son of Mathew Corcoran and Ann Kennedy, was born October 15, 1854 in Illinois and died May 10, 1929 in Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.  

He married Sarah Elizabeth Slaven on January 14, 1886 in Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church, Burlington, Iowa.  (See marriage record).

Other Events in the Life of Timothy Corcoran (See also obituary)

Occupations : Farmer and gold miner/prospector. 

Religion: Catholic

Residences: He was born in Illinois and moved to Burlington, Iowa as a small boy.  At age 16, he moved to California where he was engaged in gold mining for 13 years.  He returned to Iowa where he married Elizabeth Slaven.  They lived in California for one year and then they moved to Bassetville Township, Decatur County, Kansas where they purchased farming land.  In 1888, Timothy was on a business trip to California when his son, John Edward died.  The family moved to Ourey, Colorado where Timothy engaged in mining between about 1888 and 1892.  According to a story passed down through the family, Timothy staked claim to the Ruby Trust mine only to have his claim jumped.  After returning from Ourey, he lived out his life on the family farm in Decatur County, Kansas.

Land:  Upon moving to Kansas, Timothy and Elizabeth purchased initially 400 acres of land on January 14, 1887.  (See land purchase agreement).    By 1900, they owned 780 contiguous acres of farm land in Bassetville Township (see township plat map).

Burial : Oberlin Cemetery, Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas. (see headstone)

Elizabeth Slaven

Sarah Elizabeth Slaven

Sarah Elizabeth Slaven, daughter of James Slaven and Hannah Thomas, was born March 28, 1863 in Dodgeville, Des Moines, Iowa and died August 13, 1932 in Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Other events in the life of Sarah Elizabeth Slaven (see obituary)

Occupation:  House and farm wife. 

Religion: Catholic

Burial: Oberlin Cemetary, Decatur County, Kansas.  (see headstone)

Children of Timothy Corcoran and Elizabeth Slaven

Anna Corcoran PictureHanora Anna Corcoran was born on September 30, 1886 in California and died September 7, 1958 in Arvada, Colorado.  She married John Wesbter Bivans on May 5, 1908

John Edward Corcoran was born on December 27, 1887 in Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas and died on June 8, 1888 in Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas.

Mary CorcoranMary Frances Corcoran was born on August 20, 1889 in Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas and died in October 1961.   She married Chester "Chet" Hines on April 18, 1917.

Margaret (Corcoran) Nielsen Wedding PictureMargaret "Maggie" Ellen Corcoran was born on August 7, 1891 in Colorado and died on July 26, 1966.  She married Galen Nielsen on June 4, 1918.

James "Matt" CorcoranJames Mathew "Matt" Corcoran was born on January 31, 1894 in Decatur County, Kansas and died in January 1968 in Denver, Colorado.  He married Margaret Lola Simmons on February 23, 1927.  Matt Corcoran served in WWI. 

Clarence CorcoranClarence Valerian Corcoran was born December 15, 1895 in Decatur County, Kansas and died January 3, 1964 in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas.  He married Wilna Florence Hanchett on September 23, 1924. 

Emmett CorcoranCharles Emmett Corcoran was born on January 31, 1898 in Bassetville Township, Decatur County, Kansas and died on January 29, 1987 in St. Joseph, Missouri.  He married Alice Marie Murphy on May 20, 1930 in St Patrick's Church, Tully, Kansas.  Emmett served in the Army during WWI.

Jeff CorcoranWilliam Jefferson "Jeff" Corcoran was born on November 3, 1899 in Bassetville Township, Decatur County, Kansas and died on December 5, 1988 in Colby, Decatur County, Kansas.  He married Helen F Traxler on June 25, 1929 in Selden, Kansas.   Their son, Bruce Anthony Corcoran, was killed in action in Vietnam in 1967.  (See picture).

Cleo I Corcoran Graduation PictureCleo Isabelle Corcoran was born on March 2, 1907 in Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas and died on January 5, 1990 in  Arvada, Colorado.  She married Sgt John William Wernette on July 6, 1943 in Pyote, Texas.   She graduated from University of Nebraska in 1931.  See letter.

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