Corcoran Family

Hanchett Rouse Family

Lyman L. Hanchett

Lyman Hanchett son of Anson Hanchett and Sylvia Sharp, was born March 12, 1822 in Salisbury, Litchfield, Connecticut and died July 13, 1865 in Wyoming, Stark County, Illinois.  

He married Huldah Rouse on December 12, 1848 in Wyoming, Stark County, Illinois. 

Other Events in the Life of Lyman L. Hanchett

Occupations : Farmer

Other Spouses: Lucinda Jane Simmerman married in Stark County, Illinois on January 29, 1844.

Huldah Rouse

Huldah Rouse, daughter of Paul Rouse and Lucretia Sheppard, was born April 4, 1823 in Mentz, Cayuga, New York and died January 27, 1911 in New Windsor, Mercer, Illinois.

Other Events in the Life of Huldah Rouse

Residences:  After the death of her husband, she was listed as head of household in 1870.  In addition to her children, her son-in-law, Gilbert Garwood and grand daughter lived with her on the farm.  In 1880, she was living with her daughter Alice and her husband Adam Steig.  In 1900, she was living with her son, Willis and daughter-in-law, Cora Hanchett's family. 

Children of Lyman Hanchett and Huldah Rouse

Frances Amelia Hanchett was born on September 27, 1850 in Stark County, Illinois and died on May 13, 1930 in Oberlin, Decatur, KS.  She married Gilbert Garwood on June 20,1869.

Mary Agusta Hanchett was born on October 5, 1852 in Wyoming, Stark Co., Illinois and died on September 16, 1927.  She married James Heath.

Alice Gertrude Hanchett was born in August 1854 in Wyoming, Stark Co., Illlinois.  She married Adam Steig on March 14, 1877.

Lucinda Louise Hanchett was born in April 15, 1856 in Wyoming, Stark Co.,Illinois and died September 28, 1950 in E. Moline, Rock Island, Illinois.  She married Millton M. Baker on June 28, 1879 in Stark Co., Illinois.

Dennis Wadsworth Hanchett was born on February 26, 1859 in Wyoming, Stark County, Illinois and died October 15, 1931 in Ottawa, Kansas.  She married Sarah Zurllida Dalrymple on May 4, 1879 in Simpson, Mitchell County, Kansas.

Willis Lyman Hanchett was born on December 20, 1860 in Wyoming, Stark County, Illinois and died on March 20, 1947 in Kawanee, Henry County, Illinois.  He married Cora Etta Blauvelt.

George Washington Hanchett was born on September 15, 1862 in Wyoming, Stark County, Illinois and died April 3, 1909 in Bradford, Stark, Illinois.  He married Mary Safrona Newton.

Charles Wilbur Hanchett was born November 20, 1863 in Wyoming, Stark County, Illinois and died January 3, 1964 in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas.  

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