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Thomas C Watson

Thomas C Watson, son of Robert Watson and Amey Champlin, was born on the Side Hill Farm on June 29, 1793 in Tower Hill, South Kingstown, Rhode Island and died October 10, 1877 in North Kingstown, Washington County, Rhode Island.  

He married Ruth Northup. 

Other Events in the Life of Thomas C Watson

Occupations : Farmer and stone mason

Residences: He lived on the Homestead Farm in North Kingstown, Rhode Island from 1839 till 1887 when he died.  Their house was located situated on the south side of the Allenton-Exteter road, east of of the intersection with Congdon Hill Road.

Land:  On June 6, 1810, he was deeded 4 acres in West Greenwhich by Elisha Sweet which bordered his other land.

Military:  Served in the War of 1812 in the Rhode Island Regiment (see service record).  

Burial : Indian Corner Cemetery, North Kinstown, Rhode Island. 

Ruth Northup

Ruth Northup, daughter of Benjamin Northup and Ruth Austin, was born in 1803 in South Kingstown, Washington County, Rhode Island and died January 24, 1892 in North Kinstown, Rhode Island.

Other events in the life of Ruth Northup

Family:  She and Thomas raised son Palmer's children after his death.   She lived on the homestead farm following the death of Thomas with their son, George H C Watson.

Children of Thomas Watson and  Ruth Northup

Susan Ann Watson was born December 5, 1825 in Kingston, Washington County, Rhode Island and died August 3, 1898 near Speed, (then known as Big Bend), Phillips County, Kansas.

Abby Francis Watson was born on February 7, 1828 and died December 23 1869.    

Thomas Franklin Watson was born March 19, 1830 on MacSparran Hill, South Kingstown, Rhode Island and died August 27, 1914.  He married Mary A Potter in 1856 and Mary Emily Copper after Mary Potter's death.   He lived in Solocum, Rhode Island and farmed. 

Palmer Gardiner Watson was born 5 April 1832 and April 4, 1865.  He married Margaret J Murphy on October 12, 1856.  She died prior to 1866.

George H Church Watson was born September 13, 1836 in North Kingstown, Rhode Island and died November 7, 1907 in Slocum, Rhode Island.  He married Hannah Browning.  

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