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Albert Arnold Greene

Albert Arnold Greene, son of Caleb Greene and Sarah Anne Gardiner, was born September 1825 in Providence, Rhode Island and died November 19, 1908 in Speed (previously known as Big Bend), Phillips County, Kansas.  

He married Susan Ann Watson on January 21, 1844 in Rhode Island. 

Other Events in the Life of Albert Arnold Greene  (See also obituary and published biography)

Occupations : Preacher (Baptist?), farmer and land investor/developer. 

Residences: He was born and raised in Rhode Island.  He began farming as a laborer at age 16 in Rhode Island.  After 8 years as a laborer, he commenced farming  in Rhode Island for 17 years. (See 1860 census)  Between 1864 and 1866, the Greene family lived on a 300 acres of land purchased in Nodaway County, Missouri on the Platte River.  They moved to Jackson County, Kansas and purchased a 160 acre farm, two miles south of Circleville.  Two years later, they sold this farm and moved to Jackson County, Kansas where Albert Greene purchased land and farmed.  In 1879, the family moved to Garrison, Pottawatomie County, Kansas.  Then in 1883 or 1884, moved to near Big Bend, Phillips County, Kansas and commenced acquiring farm land.  Between 1886 and 1891, the Greene's moved to Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas and lived in the former John Speer (abolitionist editor and territorial legislator) residence.  In 1892, Albert moved back to Phillips County where lived until his death.  He was an active farmer into his 70's (see news article).

Land:  Albert and Susan owned 440 acres of land in Jackson County, Kansas in the 1880's.  (See Jackson County atlas annotated with Greene land ownship.  Albert introduced planting of fruit orchards to this part of Kansas.  In the Phillips County, Albert and Susan homesteaded (see patent record) and purchased land, ultimately acquiring  2,000 acres of land which they farmed, improved with orchards and a limestone quarry.  (See Phillips County atlas).   After Susan's  death in 1898, Albert began deeding his land away, almost exclusively to his youngest, son, W.L. Greene

Burial : Pleasant View Cemetery, Logan, Phillips County, Kansas. 

Susan Ann Watson

Susan Ann Watson, daughter of Thomas C Watson and Ruth Northup, was born December 5, 1825 in Kingston, Washington County, Rhode Island and died August 3, 1898 near Speed, (then known as Big Bend), Phillips County, Kansas.

Other events in the life of Susan Ann Watson  (see obituary)

Occupation:  House and farm wife.  Named owner in most land transactions.  She was reported to have given birth to 15 children including 10 who lived past infancy.  

Religion:  Free Will Baptist

Children of Albert Greene and Susan Watson

John W. Greene was born in 1845 in Rhode Island and died 1881 in Cloud County, Kansas

Susan L. (Letitia) Greene was born 1846 in Rhode Island and died in 1939 in Guildford, Missouri.  She married Hezekiah Fremyer on July 1, 1866 in Nodaway County, Missouri. 

Miranda W. Greene was born in 1849.  She married David Stewart.

Albert Arnold Greene Jr. was born in 1852 in Rhode Island and died after 1930 in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas.  He married Nettie C. Unkown about 1881.

Thomas W. Greene was born in 1853.  He married Addie M. Unknown.  

Orin P. Greene was born in 1855.

Edwin Arnold Greene was born April 29, 1855 in Providence, Rhode Island and died May 24, 1932 Norton, Norton County, Kansas.  He married Lucy Margaret Hinton on May 2, 1880 in Circleville, Jackson County, Kansas.

Horace F. Greene was born in 1856 in Rhode Island and died in 1925 in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas.

Ruth Adaline Greene was born March 13, 1857 in Rhode Island and died n July 5, 1899 in Lucas, Lucas County, Iowa.  She married Joseph McBride on January 11, 1874 in Phillips County, Kansas. 

Walter Lawrence Greene was born March 29, 1869 in Rhode Island and died on September 3, 1956 in Los Angeles, California.  She married Katie M Greene


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