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John Plumbe

John Plumbe, son of George Plumme and Grace Unknown, was born in 1634 in Inworth, Essex, England and died in 1696 in New London County, Conn. 

He married Elizabeth Green in 1660 or 1661 in Massachusetts.

Other events in the life of John Plumbe

Immigration :  He immigrated to the Dorchester, Mass. in 1659.

Residences:  He lived several years in Hartford before moving to New London before 1675.

Occupation:  He was a ship master and owner.  He owned a ketch named Harford.  He was an in-keeper in New London and also a constable in 1680.  His wife was fined for selling alcohol to Indians.  In 1670 he was sued by a Sarah Cornwall for paternity of her child. 

Military :  During the King Phillips war he bore dispatches to the Governor in Hartford in 1675/1676.  He was awarded land for his services during this war.

Inheritance:  He was disinherited by his father who awarded him 1 shilling in his will.   

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green, daughter of Samuel Green and Jane Banbridge, was born on April 16, 1640 in Massachusetts.

Children of John Plumbe and Elizabeth Green

John Plumbe, Jr was born in 1666 in Hartford, Hartford, Conn. and died on October 28, 1732 in New London, Connecticut.  He married Elizabeth Hempsteam on February 13, 1689.  

Elizabeth Plumbe was born in 1669 in Connecticut.

Green Plumbe was born about 1670 in Connecticut.  He married Mary Hempstead.

Joseph Plumbe was born about 1670 in Connecticut.

Samuel Plumbe was born about 1670 in Connecticut and he died on May 10, 1728 in Milford, New Haven, Conn.

Mercy Plumbe was born in 1677 in Connecticut.

George Plumbe was born in 1679 in New London, Conn. and died in July 1723 near Montauk, NY.  He married Predence Richardson on December 2, 1708  in Stonington, New London, Conn.

Sarah Plumbe was born in 1682. 

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