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Samuel Green

Samuel Green, son of Bartholomew Green and Elizabeth unknown, was born in 1615 in England and died in 1702 in Cambridge, Mass.  

He married Jane Bainbridge on April 16, 1640 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Other spouses:  Sarah Clark on February 23, 1663.

Other events in the life of Samuel Green

Immigration :  He immigrated from England in 1633 with the parents and siblings.

Residences:  He lived in Cambridge, Massachussets acquiring large holdings of land first in town and later in the country by grants from authorities for services rendered to the colony.  

Occupation:  He is famous for being the sole printer in the colonies for several years and originator of a family of printers spread across the colonies and Nova Scotia.  In 1644 he was named as door man to the house of deputies.  He worked for several years as the clerk to Harvard college.  While in this position he was appointed to run the sole printer in the colony even though he had no prior experience.  The printer had been acquired by Harvard through a marriage.  He was a printer from 1649 to 1692 and published numerous books including The Bible in the indian language.

Military :  A enthusiast for the military and military drills, he served most of his life as the seargent of the local militia.  At the age of 75, he was promoted to captain of the militia.

Citizenship:  He was named a freeman of Cambridge on March 4, 1635.

Jane Bainbridge

Jane Bainbridge, daughter of Guy Bainbridge and Justice unknown, was born about 1620 in England and died on November 16, 1657 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Other events in the life of Jane Bainbridge

Immigration :  She immigrated from England in 1634 with the parents.

Children of Samuel Green and Jane Bainbridge

Elizabeth Green was born in April 16, 1640.  He married John Plumbe in 1660 or 1661 in Massachusetts.

Sarah Green was born in October 6, 1642 in Massachusetts.

Lydia Green was born on March 23, 1644 in Massachusetts.

Lydia Green was born on April 13, 1646 in Massachusetts.

Samuel Green was born on March 6, 1648 in Massachusetts.

Joseph Green was born on November 6, 1650 in Massachusetts.

Lydia Green was born about 1651.

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