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Warren Beach 

Warren Lewis Beach

Warren Lewis Beach, son of Anthony Percival Beach and Ann Philura Shiner, was born July 27, 1872 in Burlington, Bradford Co., Pennsylvania and died September 11, 1936 in DeWitt, Arkansas.  

He married Mary Jane Treat on March 14, 1894 in Lamar, Barton County, Missouri. 

Other events in the life of Warren Lewis Beach  (also see obituary)

Occupations : Farmer in Lincoln Township, Norton County, Kansas until 1962.  He also worked part-time for the Hill City sale barn.  See farm photograph and location.

Residences: Warren Beach moved with his family as an infant age 1 from Pennsylvania Ash Grove Township, Franklin County Nebraska.  He was listed as resident of Lamar, Missouri when he married in 1894.  In 1900, he lived in Bloomington, NB next door to his father Anthony Beach.  In 1910 they moved to Norton County, Kansas.  In 1920, he was renting property and living in West Union Township, Norton County, Ks.  Five years later, he was living in Lenora with his wife and son, Loren.  In 1930 after his wife died, he was living with Loren in Orange Township, Norton, County.

Burial : Edmund Cemetery, Norton County, Kansas. 

Mary Treat Beach Web

Mary Jane Treat

Mary Jane Treat, daughter of James B. Treat and Louisa S. Schaeffer, was born November 29, 1874 in Perinton, Monroe County, New York and died December 22, 1925 in Norton, Norton County, Kansas.

Other events in the life of Mary Jane Treat  (also see obituary)

Religion :  Converted to Methodist Church at age of 25. 

Occupations : House and farm wife. 

Residences:  She was born New York and moved with her family to Ash Grove, Franklin County, Nebraska.  

Burial : Edmund Cemetery, Edmund, Norton County, KS.

Children of Warren Lewis Beach and Mary Jane Treat

Chester Warren Beach was born November 21, 1894 in Lamar, Barton County, Missouri and died on July 6, 1971Jin Norton, Norton County, Ks.  He married L. Faye McKie on December 11, 1916 in Phillipsburg, Phillips County, Kansas.

Walter Lewis Beach was born March 31, 1896 and died January 1980.  He married Velma Archer on June 19, 1926 in Norton, Norton Co, Kansas.

Anna Blanche Beach was born November 13, 1897 and died March 26, 1931.  See married Carl Frederick on March 21, 1917.

Merriman Anthony Beach was born July 24, 1899 and died March 8, 1957.  He married Mabel Irene Stockham on June 18, 1952.

Georgia Dallas Beach was born February 22, 1901 in Bloomington, Franklin County, Nebraska and died January 18, 1972 in DeWitt, Arkansas.  She married Lester John Waller on April 30, 1922.

Lorren Charles Beach was born October 16, 1902 in Naponee, Nebraska and died September 23, 1975 in Lenora, Kansas.  He married Lola F Kline on May 13, 1931.

Garry James Beach was born January 22, 1904 in Bloomington, Franklin County, Nebraska and died July 30, 1981.  He married Elizabeth Parrish on March 5, 1939.


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