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James Greene

James Greene, son of John "The Surgeon" Greene and Joanne Tattershall, was born in 1626 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England and died April 27, 1698 in Potowomut, Rhode Island.   He married Deliverance Potter about 1658.

Other Events in the life of James Greene (Also see biography)

Occupation: Farmer. 

Residences and life:  He was baptized at St. Thomas Church, Salisbury, England on 21 June 1626.  He emigrated to America in 1635 with his parents.  (See James passenger list).  He was made a freeman of Warwick and Providence plantation in 1647.  He was on the roll of freemen in Old Warwick in 1655 and was town clerk in 1661.  He was a member of the General Assembly of the Colony between 1660 and 1675.  He resided at Old Warwick until the Indian war (1675-6) when the family moved to Portsmouth, where his father-in-law, John Anthony lived.  His home in Warwick was burned to the ground during the Indian War.  In 1684, he purchased Warwick land and moved to Potowomut, where there was an old mill.  The home at Potomomut of James Greene was the birthplace of his great-grandson, Nathanael Green.  His land and home stayed in the family for 200 years.   

Other spouses: Elizabeth Anthony (1646-1698) married August 3, 1665 after Deliverance's death.

Burial: Old Warwick burial ground. 

Deliverance Potter

Deliverance Potter, daughter of Robert Potter and Isabell Tripp, was born in 1637 in Portsmouth Township, Newport, Rhode Island and died October 27, 1698 in Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island.  

Children of James Greene and Deliverance Potter

(Captain) James Greene "of Nassauka" was born in June 1659 and died on March 12, 1712.  He married Mary Fones on January 29, 1688-89 who was born in 1671 and died in 1708.   Mary Fones was the daughter of Capt. John and Margaret Fones of Newport, Jamestown and Kingstown . 

Mary Greene was born at Warwick on September 28,1660.  She married James Reynolds, brother of her two sister's husbands, on February 19, 1684-85.  

Elisha Greene was born March 17, 1662-3 and died young.

Sarah Greene was born August 27, 1664 and died in 1716.   She married Henry Reynolds, who's brother married her sister Mary. 


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